WorkPack's document control solution allows engineering teams to streamline review and approval process for engineering drawings and documents. In WorkPack document review and approval is managed by combining a drawing editor with workflows. 

Task owners from a project in WorkPack can upload documents and drawings, share them with team members and customers for review. The document reviewers then make red-line markup and comments on shared PDF files.

The comments made by checkers are tracked inside a 'Comment Resolution Sheet' until their complete resolution. When a checker comments on a PDF file, task owner gets a notification of the comments made. When this notification is clicked, the comment resolution sheet opens up.

A 'Comment Resolution Sheet' is a list of all the comments made by all the checkers on a particular document or drawing. As a task owner, you can respond to these comments. You can update the document / drawing to resolve these comments and attach uploaded files to the comment resolution sheet.

Files to be attached to comment resolution sheet can be either selected from already uploaded files or you can directly upload new files from your computer. On clicking the 'Attach Files' button a pop-up window opens up where you can attach multiple files by either option.

As a task owner when you respond to comments by internal checkers, the comment resolution is sent to them via a notification. They can click on the notification to read your responses and close the comments.

External checkers receive an email with a link to take them to the comment resolution sheet, where they can accept or reject the responses from task owner to close the comments. 

Finally when all comments are closed, document can be approved.