WorkPack document control allows engineering teams to streamline their review and approval process for engineering drawings and documents. Red-line mark-up and comments on engineering drawings are essential element of reviewing engineering drawings. A task owner in WorkPack can select and share any uploaded documents and drawing files to be reviewed by project team, client, vendors etc.

When a file is shared internally with a WorkPack user, she gets a notification. She can click on that notification to open the share document / drawing file.

For external team members who receive an email of the share document, the email carries a link to the PDF file. Simply click on this link to open the file in your browser. Note that you will not need any other PDF editor software or additional licenses of WorkPack to make comments and mark-up on the documents / drawings.

When PDF file opens in your browser, you can see a number of different tools along with it. If the task owner (file sender) has given you rights to make mark-up and comments then you will see an annotation toolbar. You can use the toolbar to make red-line mark-up and text comments. The you can save those comments and send back to the task owner (sender of the file).

The comments made on the document / drawing are then sent to the task owner in the form of a comment resolution sheet. When the task owner answers your comments, the comment resolution sheet would again come back to you for your approval.