The document control solution of WorkPack enables you to upload and manage your documents & drawings online. You can easily email the uploaded files to your project team, clients, consultants, vendors etc - directly from WorkPack.

First go to the deliverable details page. Then select the correct folders from where you want to send files. Then you can select one or more files from that folder and click on share button.


Next an email page opens up where you can select / add the recipients for your files to be sent. You can add internal recipients from your team on WorkPack. The email content can be filled using a default template and then you can edit this default content and subject as needed. When email is ready to be sent, just click the "Send" button at the bottom to shoot it out.

When you share a file internally with someone on your team, they get a notification. And the file can be opened by clicking on that notification.

And when a file is sent to the email address of an external recipient, she would get an email with a link to the document file.

This external recipient can click on the document / drawing links. Or he can directly reply on the email, in which case the reply email will be captured in sender's inbox.

The same email conversation is also captured in WorkPack's document folder from where it remains easily accessible alongside the document and drawing files.