After adding a new project in WorkPack, the next step is to define the list of tasks to be performed to execute that project. The 'Task List Creation' page can be accessed from 'Project Details'.

The task list page is structured similar to a spreadsheet to enable quick and easy task creation and editing. Format of the task list table can be configured from the "Settings" button at the top.

You can manually add a new task by entering the relevant details in the bottom row of the task list.

Other option is to import the list of activities or tasks from an Excel sheet which matches with the configured task list format.

Task list sheet also provides options for quickly copying a task to bottom row to create multiple similar tasks. You can delete tasks which have not yet been delegated to any user. Also to manage the sequence in which tasks appear in the task list, change their serial numbers and tasks will move accordingly.

For making bulk changes to the task list, you can select multiple tasks and then either, delete or edit them from the toolbar at the top. You can also click on the 'Share' button in the top toolbar to share the whole task list sheet with any users or contacts.