You can use the WorkPack desktop app on your Windows PC to easily sync all your project related documents and data to WorkPack app. This way all your project related work is backed up to WorkPack cloud in real time.

If you have already installed the WorkPack desktop app on your Windows PC, you can log in using the same credentials that you use on WorkPack website.

Once logged in, you will see all the projects that are already synchronized on your desktop app. To make any changes to the synchronized projects and tasks, you can simply go the 'Options' menu in the header and then click on 'Manage Sync'.

Next, you will see a window where projects from you WorkPack account will be listed. Note that only those projects will be listed, where you have access as a project team member or project admin. The list is visible as a tree structure. You can click on a project to see the tasks within that project.

The projects and tasks which are already synced on your PC will appear selected by default. Those which are not yet synced will appear unselected. You can then change the selection to -

  • select the items which you want to sync
  • deselect those items which you want to delete from your PC

Note that you can select or deselect individual tasks within a project as well. Once your selection is finalized, click on 'Synchronize Selected'. WorkPack will ask for your confirmation. 

When confirmed, all the newly selected items will be downloaded to your desktop app and synced with WorkPack cloud. All those items which were deselected, will be deleted from your local desktop app. But they will be still available in the WorkPack cloud, if you should choose to download.