You can use the WorkPack desktop app on your Windows PC to easily sync all your project related documents and data to WorkPack app. This way all your project related work is backed up to WorkPack cloud in real time.

First, you will need to follow these steps and install the desktop app your Windows Computer.

Go to the WorkPack website. Here you will find a shortcut button for downloading the 'set up' file for WorkPack desktop app.

Click on this shortcut button to reach the Windows App installation page. Click the 'Install' button.

After downloading the 'Set up.exe' file, double-click on the file to start the installation. When windows asks permission for installation, click on 'Run'.

Installation is completed in 1-2 minutes. Then use your registered WorkPack credentials to log into the Windows desktop app.

When you log in, WorkPack will list all the projects that you can access. Further, you can select from this list all the projects and tasks that you want to synchronize on your PC. Files and data for all selected projects will be downloaded on your desktop app.

WorkPack will ask for your confirmation before synchronizing all selected items.

The synchronization process may take a few minutes depending on the number of tasks to be synced. When all items are synced, they will be visible from the WorkPack desktop app. You can search and find different projects and tasks from left-hand side area. Then you can click on any selected folder for a task to open and view its contents.