Resource loading charts are available to department managers and resource managers of different departments to check the availability and project workload of different people in their own departments. Resource loading charts are based on the workload assigned to different members of a project team from resource planning process.

To access the resource loading chart of your own department, go to the 'My Department' section in the menu and click on 'Loading Charts' link. Note that you will only have this access if your WorkPack administrator has identified you as a 'Resource Manager' for your department.

On the 'Department Resource Loading' chart you can see cumulative workload of your team as whole distributed across different weeks of the current month. Click on 'Previous Month' or 'Next Month' buttons to navigate. Click on 'View Loading For' to filter specific users for whom you want to check the workload.

When you click on 'View Loading For' button from the screenshot above, a pop-up opens up listing all members of your department team. Select specific users to view their workload in loading chart.

When you filter the department loading chart for specific users, you will see their names in a list above the loading chart and their combined workload reported in the bar chart below. To check workload of an individual user, just select that specific user to be filtered.