During the resource planning stage for a new project, project manager can estimate resource requirements from different departments based on quantum of work in task list. This helps in generating a resource request, which is then sent to managers of different departments or teams to be involved in the new project.

Once resource requests are sent to managers of different teams they get notifications on their dashboards. 

When notification is clicked, they are taken to a resource allocation page where they can see the resource requirements for the new project. Resource requirements are segregated between different resource levels or designations (e.g. Sr. Engineer, Engineer, Draftsman etc). 

Next the team manager can click on 'Add Resources' buttons for different resource levels. Subsequently a pop-up window opens up where, the department resource manager can view different people in his team, their designations and their availability during the period of new project. He can then select one or more people to be assigned to work on the new project based on their knowledge / experience level and availability.

Once the selected people are added to the resource allocation list, department resource manager can further assign workload to them in terms of manhours. Further one or more of the selected users can be identified as focal points. These focal points will then serve as team leaders for that project and will be able to perform task delegation to their team members.

After deciding the workload distribution and timeline of assignment for different users, click on the 'Allocate' button to confirm the allocation to project manager. A notification is then sent to that project manager. He can further check the resource allocation and accept if it is satisfactory, or resend in case any changes are needed.