WorkPack helps project managers to generate resource requests for their project as part of the 'Resource Planning' functionality. Whenever a project is created and its tasks are listed in the task list, project team can define manhours needed to do these tasks and timeline of these tasks. When the task list is frozen, project manager can click on the 'Resource Request' button to go to the resource request page.

On the resource request page, click on the 'Generate Resource Request' button to create or update a resource request based on the latest manhours and timeline data from task list. Each time that you change either manhours or timeline (start / end dates) of different tasks in the task list, you should update the resource requirements and send them to respective team managers.

Once resource requests are created for different teams to be involved on a project, those can be sent to respective team managers. Click on the 'Send' button for resource request for any department / team. Then select the resource manager of that particular team who would be assigning resources for the new project and then send.

After project manager sends resource requests for a project to different team managers, they assign people from their team to work on the new project, depending on their availability and workload. Project manager can check these assigned resources and then accept. In case of any changes needed, resource request can be resent along with a short message.