Resource planning module of WorkPack helps project managers and engineering team managers to plan for human resources required for ongoing and upcoming projects, based on current workload levels.

When a project is created in WorkPack, the main activities of that project are listed in the task list. WorkPack also enables to list manhours required for these different task on the same task list sheet. These manhours represent the quantum of work that needs to be done. Further the schedule for all these different tasks, coming from the project schedule, represent the timeline of these task. WorkPack then puts together all this data to help project managers generate a 'Resource Request' for the concerned project, based on quantum of work and its planned timeline.

In a resource request, requirement of resources to work a project for given number of hours during a specified timeline is captured. This resource request is then sent to 'Resource Managers' of different teams involved  in the project. Team managers then assign people from their teams to work on the said project.

For example a resource request can say - "2 Mechanical Engineers are needed to work on an upcoming project for 250 hours during next couple of months." This resource request then goes to the manager of mechanical engineering team. He can further check workload and availability of different members of his team and assign suitable resources to work on the new project accordingly. These assigned resources have to be accepted by the project manager. This will result in forming of a project team, which then works on the tasks for that project.