Buyers of an EPC project can manage their procurement activities by uploading procurement documents and data to designated folders on WorkPack. Further, WorkPack also enables creation of procurement documents such as - purchase orders, invoices, GRN etc. in printable HTML format.

Option for creation of procurement documents is available on the task details page of material procurement activities. The project workflow needs to be configured accordingly to allow project team to create PO, GRN, Invoice etc. from WorkPack.

When project workflow is properly configured, owner of a material procurement task sees the 'Create' document buttons in relevant folders. For example, in following screenshot, workflow is configured to enable Purchase Order (PO) creation in the PO folder.

When 'Create PO' button is clicked an HTML form pops up, where all details of the purchase order can be entered and saved. 

Along with basic details of PO, materials are selected from BOQ and other material and cost details are recorded against the same. When all the document and material details are saved, PO is created.

Upon saving all details and closing the form, an HTML document is created in the same folder. Click on the document to view it in a new tab.

The HTML document opens up in a new tab of browser. Document format is configured from master data. The document can be finally checked here and printed if required. Else you can also share the document with contractors, vendors etc. from the task details page, by selecting the document and clicking share button.