Material procurement is an important part of any infrastructure EPC project. WorkPack enables easy management of project related procurement by facilitating - BOQ creation and management of procurement documents / data against project BOQ.

For uploading and managing procurement documents, check BOQ sheet and click on the 'Serial Number' of any procurement task to open it in a new tab. 

Further on the 'Task Details' page for procurement of inverter, You can see basic material details at top and then folders for purchase documents corresponding to the procurement workflow that has been configured. Purchase documents can then be browsed and uploaded in these folders. 

For example, in following screenshot. A simple 2 step workflow has been configured, where buyer first uploads a Purchase Order in "PO" folder and sends it to a vendor. And then a Goods Received Note (GRN) or Delivery Receipt is uploaded in the "Delivery" folder. Note that only the owner of an activity can upload documents in these folders.

When the file is uploaded, WorkPack asks the user about material and cost data in that document via an HTML pop-up form. Note that the format of the following HTML form is configurable and can be edited from the 'Workflow Master' for that project.

The data entered in HTML form is saved against uploaded file as material and cost data for that document. When the pop-up is closed, the material details of uploaded files are seen in the table below the files.