Material procurement is an important part of any infrastructure projects. The material procurement needs of a particular project, are usually listed in a Bill of Quantity (BOQ) or Bill of Materials (BOM) or simply in a 'material list'.

WorkPack enables project managers to create a BOQ or material list for a project, separately from the main project task list. A separate 'Material List' sheet is provided for this purpose which can be accessed from the bottom row on the 'Project Details' or 'Task List' pages.

The same BOQ sheet can be also accessed from the WorkPack dashboard.

The 'Material List / BOQ' itself is a configurable spreadsheet where all the material purchase requirements of a project are listed. Format of this spreadsheet can be configured from 'Settings' button. Further all the documents / drawings can be linked to tasks / activities in the task list by selecting them as 'Parent Tasks' of individual documents / drawings.

You can easily import a BOQ which is available in MS Excel sheet. All entries in the BOQ can be bulk edited using toolbar at the top. Further new material entries can be added from the last row of the BOQ sheet. Finally, project or procurement managers can select individual material items and assign them to different buyers for purchase.