When you integrate your official email account with WorkPack, you will be able to directly email document and drawing files to recipients within and even outside of your organization.

First step is to integrate your email account.

Then go to task details page for any - task, document or material item. Select files from the folders of that task and click on share.

This leads to an email interface with the selected file already included as an attachment. Select the recipients for these files. Those recipients added in the 'For approval' box can review and approve the document file. They will have option to comment or mark-up on the PDF files. Those added in the 'For reference' box will only get file for reference. They cannot mark-up, comment or approve on the sent files.

Write or edit your email subject and content. HTML editor also helps in advanced editing of the text. Further the email text is automatically filled with links to the files being shared. So when the recipients will get a very light email with links to the files instead of heavy attachments. Hence there is no limit on the file size as well.

Recipients get an email as shown below. 

Responses on this email is also tracked by WorkPack and the complete email conversation regarding the shared documents is listed against those particular files, in the same folder.

Also refer to guide for sharing documents and drawings for review / approval.