Scheduling module in WorkPack enables to you to create a complete project schedule based on duration and dependency relationships of project tasks. All the tasks listed in project task list are linked to the scheduling module.

First step for creating a project schedule is to define the duration for all the tasks in project task list. Next you can set up the dependency relationships between different project tasks.

When you click on the dependency link for any task, a pop-up opens up as seen in following screenshot. Here, the selected task is already set up as a successor task and you can add multiple predecessor tasks against this selected task. For each predecessor task, you can also select the dependency type from following options - 

  • Finish to Start (default)
  • Start to Start
  • Finish to Finish
  • Start to Finish

Next you can also define lag values (in days) if applicable. Close the pop-up when all the predecessor tasks for selected task are defined. The same task can be made a predecessor of another task by going to dependency pop-up window of that other task.

When duration values and dependency relationships for all project tasks have been defined, click on the "Schedule" button at bottom of the task list.

Then the project schedule page opens up in a new tab, displaying the project Gantt chart. On this page, click on the "Schedule Project" button to apply the duration and dependency relationships defined earlier. Next the scheduling module moves the timelines of project tasks so that dependency relationships are satisfied.