WorkPack dashboard summarizes all the projects and activities that you are working on, to enable quick status tracking and navigation from the dashboard itself.

The top area of dashboard displays a list of ongoing projects that you are working on. Here you can see basic details of a project along with a graphical roadmap indicator. The project roadmap is sequence of all project milestones. 

The project milestones which completed are colored green. Those which are pending but not delayed are colored yellow. Delayed and pending milestones are marked red.

To further drilldown and check where certain milestones are pending, you can simply click on a milestone circle to see list of all tasks which are prerequisites for completion of that milestone. In this list you can also see which tasks are complete and which are pending. When all of the tasks from the list are completed, the milestone will automatically be colored green.

Further you can also easily navigate to project specific sheets - such as, task list, document list, BOQ, schedule etc. - from dashboard itself. Click on the "Manage" button to open a dropdown list as seen in following screenshot, from where you can quickly jump to task list or schedule of a project.