A project in WorkPack is a collection of tasks. All of those tasks must be completed to execute a project. These tasks are classified into different groups using 'Task Types'. 

After creating a new company account on WorkPack, the administrator of that account should set up the task types which will be used within the projects on that account. As an administrator, you can access the 'Task Type' settings from the Admin section of the sidebar menu.

The task type settings page lists all the task types defined for that WorkPack account. WorkPack comes with a default set of task types which resonate with documents and drawings usually produced in an engineering project. When getting started with WorkPack, administrator can edit / delete these default task types or add new task types.

While creating a new task type, give it a label and a code. You will also need to select a category for that new task type. A task type will fall in either of the three categories - Deliverable / Procurement / General. Once category of a task type is selected, same category is also applied to all tasks of that task type.

Task type categories are important for defining task workflows. Usually in WorkPack, different workflows are created for Deliverables (documents & drawings), Procurement (of material & services) and General (construction & miscellaneous activities) tasks. These workflows are separately created and applied to task within individual categories.

For example, a workflow created for procurement activities can only be applied to procurement tasks of different types.