The administrator of a company or team's account on WorkPack can manage the users who belong to that team. The settings page for users can be accessed from 'Admin' section of the sidebar menu.

The settings for user data is a list of all users registered as members of your team's account on WorkPack. You can delete a user profile directly from the 'Trash' button against user profile listings. To edit user data for someone, click on the edit button which will open user details for that profile.

Basic details of a user profile can be edited from the 'User Details' page by the administrator. When a WorkPack team member leaves your team or company and you want to restrict her access, you can make her account inactive by checking off the 'Active User' box. As an administrator, you can also change the profile picture of a user. Otherwise user can put it up herself by visiting her own user profile page.

As an administrator, you will also define the role that a user will play for projects within WorkPack. New roles can be created within your account from the 'Roles' master page in Admin section of the menu.

Also, select an immediate supervisor for a user who is responsible for approving leave applications, timesheets, progress reports submitted by the user.