To create a new project within WorkPack, access the 'Project Creation Form' from the 'Projects' section of the menu.

On the 'Project Creation Form', enter the basic details of the project such as - name, number, description, start / end dates, status, priority etc. 

Further you can select from a list of 'Task List Templates' to quickly import a list of tasks for this project. This is similar to copy/pasting a task list from a standard template that you use. You and your team can further edit the tasks imported from the template. But importing from a standard template give you a good starting point to quickly add tasks. Different templates can be used for different types of projects.

Project related documents such as 'Scope of Work' etc. can also be added on this form, so that they are easily available for reference of your project team.

Further you can select some of your team members to be 'Project Admins'. Project Admins also have the project management rights for specific projects and they can share your workload and responsibility for managing project data.

Finally, similar projects previously executed can be listed here to make them easily visible for your project team for quick reference.

And when this project data is saved, a new project entry is created and you can see the 'Project Details' page for newly added project. A project manager or project admin has the right to click on edit button and change the project details.