WorkPack's document control enables members of an engineering project to upload and share documents for project execution. Project team members can mark-up and comment on these documents. Then it is up to the document or task owners to answer all comments and get the documents approved.

In this way WorkPack tracks all the review and approval activities that are taking place on different documents. All these actions which are tracked in WorkPack can also be seen in the form of an activity log for a particular task / deliverable.

Or you can also access activity logs directly from the 'Deliverables' section of the menu.

Further, you can select a project and then a task / deliverable within that project to get the 'Activity log' for all files within that task. You get complete list of all the times a file has been uploaded, shared, commented upon, approved etc. along with a date stamp and the identification of user who took that action.

The same list of actions or activity log can easily be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.