WorkPack's document control solution enables engineering teams to streamline the complete review and approval process of engineering drawings & documents. 

Documents are drawings are channeled through specific predefined workflows in WorkPack. All the while status of various documents and drawings is tracked with respective workflows.

Correspondingly WorkPack also measures actual progress achieved for different tasks / deliverables. This actual progress values of individual tasks are then combined into a weighted average to arrive at project level or team level progress. WorkPack presents this in the form of a progress report.

You can access the project wise progress report by going to 'Reports' section of the menu and then clicking on 'Progress Report' button.

Menu >> Reports >> Progress Reports 

Further, select the project for which you want to assess the deliverable wise progress. The report shows cumulative progress for different departments / teams. For each department you can compare the planned progress till date with actual % progress achieved.

To check task / deliverable level progress, you can drill down from department level using the expand button at the beginning of each row. When deliverables / tasks section for a department is expanded, you can measure the task level progress and identify which specific bottlenecks are holding back the overall department progress.