WorkPack's document control solution enables engineering teams to streamline the complete review and approval process of engineering drawings & documents using flexible workflows and a PDF editor.

When a drawing / document is generated, depending on its type WorkPack channels it through a predefined workflow. When document files move through these workflows,progress is tracked and measured along every step of the way. That progress data is presented graphically on the WorkPack dashboard along with status of different tasks / deliverables.

Different types of documents within different projects are channeled through different workflows till completion of the task. And the green line indicates the progress of the task by determining status of the recently uploaded documents. 

For example consider the workflow for documents indicated by milestones - IC (Internal Check) >> SUB (Submission) >> APVD (Approved). When a document completes the SUB (Submission) stage, the progress for that task or deliverable is indicated till SUB. All milestones also carry numerical weightage values. For example, if SUB is weighted at 40%, then the green line with stretch 40% of the way to reach the SUB circle.

Further, when a document corresponding to a particular milestone is uploaded, then corresponding circles are colored green.

If a document is not uploaded and planned date for completing that milestone is already crossed, then that circle is filled with red color. Otherwise the milestone circles remain colorless. 

The graphical progress indicator provides a very quick way to assess progress achieved on various tasks / deliverables from a single window. The search and filter panel at the top helps you to filter a set of tasks and then assess progress for that group of filtered tasks.